On the Nature of TIME.


   Ian Robinson




          The word TIME evokes a jumble of memories and meanings,  festive, fearful and mysterious.   Caught in a maelstrom of emotions and the fog of uncertainty,  it is all too easy to miss our intellectual footing and stray from the rational evaluation of TIME as no more and no less than a basic structural dimension of our universe.


What concerns us,  both in the intimacy of our every-day lives and in the awe-inspiring achievements of space exploration is the TIMELINE from the past and through the present towards the future.  This apparent simplicity has been thrown into confusion by Quantum Mechanics’ assertion that this TIMELINE is not unitary but is one of a complex of timelines which result from the multiple possible outcomes of every event.


Clearly, this complication adds another dimension to our deliberations,  in fact it reveals that TIME itself is not comfortably one-dimensional but is a multi-dimensional structure containing other timelines which at the present time are beyond our scrutiny.  These other timelines, together  with their associated matter and energy, are not detectable by our visible-spectrum telescopes nor even by our longer-wavelength (radio) telescopes:  they are, in fact, DARK. 


The gravitational  pull of this matter is compatible with the astronomic observations which originally gave rise to the term DARK MATTER.


If we now consider that timelines have been branching into ever-growing profusion since the beginning of time,  it is also clear that the universe must be bursting at the seams with timelines,  increasing as they are at an ever-increasing rate.  This is compatible with the observed accelerating expansion of the universe,  an effect which has been described as being due to DARK ENERGY.



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